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Directions for splitting a team:
1. Register 2 teams.
2. Pay for the first team.
3. Send an email to [email protected] requesting a code
for the second team discount.

 LOCATION: Golden West College

Teams must check in one hour before their first game at the tournament headquarters.
Players must be present at check in to be issued a wristband and must wear their wristband at all times.
Please bring player cards and medical release forms or the signed waiver roster form avialable below.

coerver cup waiver roster form.docx

Why Coerver Cup?

The So Cal Coerver Cup is the most unique small sided playing format available. It replicates the "real game" experience much closer than traditional 3v3 competition. The Coerver Cup is a 5v5 Fast Paced, Competitive, Attacking Soccer Tournament played on Quality Fields.

In the Coerver Cup format, the field size allows players to get maximum touches on the ball, and allows for multiple coaching opportunities. Players will be presented with a number of 1v1 situations for them to practice their skills on the ball. The 5v5 format will assert the importance of a team aspect and encourage everyone to communicate and work hard for one another.

Coerver Cup is a great individual and team event that will help your players prepare for the upcoming season and transition to the larger pitch. With 2 point goals, substitutions on the fly, and a 24-minute running clock, you’ll be sure to enjoy a competition platform unlike any other you have participated on before.

So Cal Coerver Cup is a local event that is projected to grow into a regional and national competition.

In addition to the tournament games, there will be opportunities to improve individual soccer skill by way of Coerver Coaching. The So Cal Coerver Cup will be much more than just a tournament; it will be a soccer experience.  Each tournament will feature Free Coerver Clinics during the event to help your player(s) improve their skill level and game intelligence.

Coerver® Coaching Orange County is now teaching the World's #1 Soccer Training Method in the southern Los Angeles area. Professional coaching housed in top training facilities provides our athletes an advanced program focused on individual skills-development and small group play.

The Coerver® Coaching curriculum has evolved with the sport of soccer for over 30 years and is endorsed around the world by the best coaches, clubs and soccer federations for its ability to develop world class athletes. It develops creative confident players by means of superior ball mastery, and the ability to play with greater pace and an elevated understanding of the game.


Divisions: (Youth)

Boys: 2010, 2009/2008, 2007/2006, 2005/2004, 2003/2002, 2001, and the 2000 birth years (& older) compete in the Men’s Open Division

Girls: 2010, 2009/2008, 2007/2006, 2005/2004, 2003/2002, 2001, and the 2000 birth years (& older) compete in the Men’s Open Division

Note: If there are enough teams in a specific age group we will create a flight just for that age group.


10 player roster maximum  (6 player minimum)

Rosters are frozen the Friday before the tournament

5 players on the field plus 1 GK in a GK uniform.

Cost: $325 per team and you can split your team for only $145 more…that can be your entire team playing in the tournament…getting a lot more touches.

Field Size:  30 x 50

Goal Size: 6’6 x9 for u8-u10…7 x21 for u11-the open division

Field Layout:


1 point for goals scored inside the shooting line…shooting line is 16 yards from the goal and will designated with tall orange cones along the sideline.

2 points for goals scored from outside shooting line.

Kick in for ball out of play where ball went out

Double Yellow/Red Card: Player may be substituted and the carded player misses next game

Straight Red Card: Player out of Game

Double red card within the tournament the player is expelled from tournament.

Free substitution anywhere between the two shooting lines (midfield area of the field)...player may not enter until his/her teammate is within one yard on the incoming player

Goal kicks can be taken anywhere within the 8 yard goal box…goal box will be designated with tall orange cones along the sideline


24 minute games…running clock

4-Game Guarantee with two games on Saturday and two games on Sunday

Teams play round robin in qualifying pool

Brackets will be balanced based on number of teams participating and level of ability provided on the application


3 points for win, 1 point for tie, 0 points for loss

Every age group will have a championship match

Awards For Champions (Champions Shirts and Medals) and for Finalists (Medals)

How to determine final standings if they end in a tie:

In case of tie, winner decided by head to head record

If still tied, decided by best goal differential for all pool games combined

If still tied, team with most goals

If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide

If knockout stage game is tied after regulation, they will play one (1) 5 minute golden goal period

If still tied, penalty kick shootout to decide (1 for 1 Golden Goal) …yes it can end on the first shooters

How The Penalty Kick Shootout Works: 

Kicker starts at the half line, Goalkeeper on the goal line 

Referee signals start with a blow of the whistle

Kicker has 5 seconds to shoot the ball, no rebounds

Goal is awarded if ball passes the goal line, shot must have occurred before the 5 second rule 

1 for 1 Shooters (Golden Goal Wins)

If tied after 1 round, shootout format continues to another round with New Shooters

If tied after 8 rounds, return to shooter #1

Fouls: FIFA rules apply

Off Side: There is no offside 

Throw-Ins: Are taken as indirect kick-ins

Corner Kicks: Are direct…if defense wants to make a wall…it must be 8 yards from the corner

Goal Kicks: Are indirect

Fouls outside shooting line are direct, fouls inside shooting line are indirect

Defensive Walls: 8 yards from spot of ball

Goalkeepers: Pass backs cannot be picked up by the GK

Sportsmanship: Violent or dangerous play or foul and abusive language is carded


Cannot be changed after check in. Teams violating this policy will forfeit game(s) in question in pool play

Check in will be one hour before your first game at the tournament headquarters

Substitutes: Free substitution anywhere between the two shooting lines (midfield area of the field)...player may not enter until his/her teammate is within one yard on the incoming player

Late Team Rule: Our games are scheduled every 40 minutes to give you time to warm up properly …if a team is late by more than 5 minutes for their game…the team will have one goal scored against them…if more than ten minutes late to your scheduled game…and you forfeit that game by a score of 3-0

Championship Matches: If they end in a tie…5 minute Golden Goal Period is played…if still a tie…penalty kick shootout

Consolation matches that end in a tie will remain a tie and recorded as a tie

Protests: All decisions on the field will be made by the referee and are final

The Tournament Director: Has the final decision in any dispute or conflict and their decision is final.


Coerver Coaching Orange County

2100 E. Katella Ave., Suite 316
Anaheim, California 92806

Phone: 714-483-9257
Email: [email protected]

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